Feestyle Moto-X exhibitions are a guaranteed crowd pleaser from the smallest of county fairs to the biggest of sporting events.
Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, when you are looking for the best in extreme entertainment let Tim Dyson FMX be your source!

Set up can be done on any surface: Stadiums, rodeo arenas, parking lots, race tracks, carnivals/fairs etc....

We specialize in the following:

Indoor Arena & Monster Truck Shows


Outdoor FMX shows

We pride ourselves as role models and promote a family friendly atmosphere while providing a high energy show that will impress ALL spectators. Tim Dyson FMX, LLC  is a team of professionals that will show up on time and present a professional image from the time we arrive until the time we leave.
From set-up to break down, you will not be disappointed in any aspect of our operation!

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